Zamaera’s ‘Wanita’ is About the Modern Malaysian Woman

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Zamaera’s most recent single — ‘Wanita’ — explores the strength and resilience most women put into practice when creating better lives for themselves and their families. The songstress delves into her definition of a modern woman (“definisi wanita hari ini, boss lady baru boleh balik jadi bini, aura yang memerintah bila masuk bilik,“).

Then, it moves on to describe how career women with families do their best to stay on the ball despite having way too much on their plates sometime (“tanggungjawab terpikul di atas bahu, walau kerja lewat mata pun dah layu, masih ada semangat di dalam badan, tak terdengar satu perkataan mengadu,“).

‘Wanita’ is Zamaera’s second single — and is marked as her first Malay single — since the release of ‘Helly Kelly’ earlier this year. With both singles being from opposing ends of the sonic spectrum — ‘Helly Kelly’ being the banger and ‘Wanita’ being sweeter in contrast — this just proves Zamaera’s determination of being versatile with her delivery.

Watch the music video below:

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