YZ International Turns 10!

You better make sure you got tomorrow night plan-free because you need to make way for 4Play pres. YZ International Birthday Blowout at Zouk!

If you’re asking WTF is YZ International,  well YZ stands for Yaniz and she’s the woman who brought you that infamous Too Phat collaboration with Warren G and Joe Flizzow with KRS-One, amongst others. YZ International Birthday Blowout is gonna feature Thailand’s almighty Thaitanium, Bangkok Invaders and Money Exchange Movement (MEM) (pic above) with our own President Joe Flizzow hosting the night. If you down with hip hop, you down with YZ.

It all started when as a young girl, Yaniz used to look up to her grandfather who is a producer and has even started TV3 back in the days. She would follow him to all his gigs since she was 12 years old. She then got the opportunity to go to college in California, worked for a college radio, met mad talents and went on tours. She came back in 2004 and she gave these cats a massive break. Under her artist management firm YZ International, she is now taking care of big names like Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit, Stylustiks, Project EAR, DJ Cza, DJ Uno, DJ Fuzz, Latin Prince and soon a hot hip hop princess. You have to watch this space to find out more.

Happy birthday to our beloved gangsta mama from JUICE! YZ and Bumsquad! Holla.

Click here to find out more about the party or head over to www.yzinternational.com to see how she rolls. See you tomorrow night!