Yuna ‘Decorate’ Album Launch & Showcase @ KLPac

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When you are good at what you do you can make it anywhere. Local singer songwriter Yuna is such an example. In conjunction with the launch of her newest album Decorate, Yuna held an impressive showcase at KLPac that had everyone completely bowled over.

True, we have plenty of other talented local singer songwriters but the thing that makes Yuna stand out from the rest is that she keeps getting better and better rather than being stuck in a plateau. The Decorate showcase didn’t only prove that her songwriting skills improved, it also showed how much Yuna’s performance skills has grown since she first began a few years ago. Granted that this particular showcase had a huge backing band for local singer songwriter proportions: 2 guitarists, a percussionist, a drummer, keyboardist, a back-up singer and the occasional strings trio but Yuna’s stage presence managed to stand out instead of fading behind such a massive set-up.

LA must have done her good, as she’s become not only an artist that can write songs – which is something we’ve known all along, Yuna has grown as a performer to and have learnt to really emote her songs on stage. It is when she is without her guitar in some of her songs that she took her time to project the emotion of a song out to the audience. Take for example, ‘Deeper Conversation’. A lot of us have seen Yuna perform this song live countless times, but in this showcase it made a lot of the people in audience tear with the extremely bare arrangement of the song. Her standout tracks for me were ‘Penakut’ and ‘Coffee’. We were lucky enough to have seen her perform ‘Coffee’, composed by her producer from LA with lyrics by Yuna it for the first time ever. The best part of ‘Coffee’ is also how Yuna’s technical singing skills have improved too! You go girl! We at JUICE are glad that we didn’t miss this opportunity to see our local gem give such an extremely touching performance. She just keeps getting better and better every year, we are well impressed.

Yuna ‘Decorate’ Album Launch & Showcase was held at KLPAC on 23 & 24 July 2010. Check out more pix here! Check out her single ‘Penakut’ and the live performance of ‘Coffee’ below.



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