Yuksek: Living on the Edge of Time (Universal)

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Over the years French producer Yuksek has remixed for the likes of Lady Gaga, Phoenix, M83, and even Wu Tang Clan before debuting his own music with the impressive Away From The Sea in 2009 which spawned his underground club classic ‘Tonight’. Not only was the album well received by critics and fans alike, it also solidified Yuksek as a French producer with a knack of producing catchy electro pop tracks and an immense talent in songwriting.

By taking a calculated risk of adopting a completely different sound and direction from his debut album, Living On The Edge Of Time is a stellar collection of tracks with the upbeat opener ‘Always On The Run’ as only a hint of what’s to come.

As the album progresses so does the sophistication of each track. This is truly an impressive album, a collection of pop tunes made out of killer hooks and intricate layers upon layers of vocals, beats and warm 80s synths that were all inspired by his days touring alone. The entire album was a real joy to listen to, and one you would take to keep you company when you travel alone.

Listen to: ‘Always On The Run’, ‘The Edge’
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Rating: 4

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