Yuksek: French by the Edge

French DJ extraordinaire Pierre-Alexandre Busson who goes with the moniker Yuksek is the man behind the palettes of infectious indie dance pop tunes and also one half of explosive duo Peter & The Magician. Not only has he experienced the life as a DJ, but carries the background as a pianist at The Conservatoire as well as being part of his former band Kangluage. Yuksek was here in Kuala Lumpur to usher in the New Year in style with us and managed to give JUICE a few scoops about the man behind the infamous name.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve parties, what is the most bizarre situation you’ve found yourself in on New Year’s Day?
Last year we were with the band in Australia for Field Day Festival. It’s a bit strange for European people to spend New Year’s Eve under 40 degrees and full sun!

Could you tell us about how you came up with the moniker Yuksek?
It’s a strange name that I found one day in a dream.

You need to elaborate on that next time we speak! Prior to your career as a DJ, you learnt the piano for 10 years at The Conservatoire. How was that experience like for you?
It was really great and full of good experiences. By the way I never stopped writing music, after the piano training I’ve been in some bands, I produced music on different names and finally Yuksek came. DJing is a cool way of sharing my sound and travelling the world, but most of my time is in the studio.

You’re the founder of Elektricity Festival held in Reims, France. If you could come up with another festival, which country would you like it to be held at?
Australia or Japan.

Was hoping for Malaysia, oh well. France is renowned for being the home to some of the best electro DJs. Is there any country that you think has an underrated scene of this kind of music?
I love the work of people from Scandinavia, Trentemoller, Kasper Bjørke, and Lindstrom.

You’re no stranger to collaborating with amazing artists. Is there any artist you would love to collaborate with that your fans might find a bit shocking?
Honestly I don’t know. I worked with many people from different scenes. I don’t have one, as long as it’s fun and a good creative moment!

What is Pierre-Alexandre Busson like behind the scenes?
I think he’s the same. Not playing roles.

Are you living on the edge right now?
Yes, especially today! I arrived from Shanghai where I played yesterday, and the day before I was in Tokyo where I arrived straight from France without sleeping in the plane. So I’m not even jetlagged, I’m out of it.

Yuksek was down in Bedroom on New Year’s Eve 2012. Check him out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yuksek.