Yuck: Yuck (Transparent/Fat Possum)

Time to move over, xx! Yuck are the new kids on the block as far as Brit indie is concerned. Taking cues from fuzz rock bands of yesteryear, the young London group (two of whom were in the now-defunct Cajun Dance Party-The Drums of 2007) make joyous shoegazer tunes coupled with perfect pop sensibilities.

It’s that 3-minute, 3-chord formula that made the careers of so many punk bands, except honed with lush harmonies and grungy over-driven guitars. As far as the band’s history goes, Yuck are an odd bunch. School friends Max Bloom and Danny Blumberg, New Jersey drummer Jonny Rogoff, Japanese bassist Mariko Doi and Danny’s sister Ilana (who lends backing vocals and is still in school) are the core line-up.

They name-drop the likes of Pavement, Sparklehorse and the Red House Painters as influences, but softer moments like ‘Shook Down’, ‘Suck’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Suicide Policeman’ eerily recollect Teenage Fanclub. Currently riding high as a nominee on BBC’s Sound Of 2011, Yuck should be leading some sorta revival real soon. Remember to wear some nice shoes…

Listen To: ‘Shook Down’ & ‘Get Away’
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Rating: 4

It’s not yuck, it’s good at www.myspace.com/yuckband.