You’re Not Going to Recognise Pearl Hotel Anymore

As of 11 October ’17, what residents of Old Klang Road (and beyond) have come to know as Pearl International Hotel is no more. On the night of their 20th anniversary celebration, Pearl officially relaunched their new identity as ‘The Pearl‘ – with a facelift, of course.

Guests were treated to a very special Red Platinum-themed Gala Night with captivating performances, lucky draw contests with the grand prize of a trip to Japan, and most importantly, really good food.

Since their inception in 1997, Pearl has stayed strong despite national and international tragedies in recent years that affected tourism. Now, as a hotel in the 21st century, Pearl has yet again proven their motto; #ourreputationproventhroughtime.

Constantly innovative in providing the best service to local and foreign guests, Pearl is one of the few Malaysian hotels to have obtained halal certificates to cater to those of different needs. Every year, they offer their widely received Ramadan buffet – and this year, Pearl hosted one of the most successful Ramadan buffets in Klang Valley!

Dylen Gan, general manager of The Pearl, tells us that their prime location makes a great choice for hosting events, training, meetings, and weddings. Also, their spacious capacity means Pearl can host more than 2000 pax for various events at any time.

The Pearl has always been first choice accommodation for international sports games such as the Commonwealth games, SEA games, and PARA games.

The Pearl did not hold back on their impressive decor.

Mmmm! Neither did they hold back with the food served.

Pearl also unveiled their brand new look on this important evening. Check out their new and improved facilities.

Celebrate with The Pearl with these big promotions.

With their new team of young, vibrant, and professional management team, and the support from their parent company, AIKBEE Group, The Pearl is aiming to rise up to the global stage and right now, we don’t see any signs of them stopping.

Keep up with The Pearl via their website or their Facebook page.