Your Puke Is Poetry

Love, in all it’s forms, is a beautiful thing even when it borders on the absurd and grotesque. Like this calendar which features a different fetish each month, remember, there’s always someone out there for you.

Designed by CJ Gan, Izmady and Gwyn (who work for local indie ad house Lucideas), this A3-sized calendar shows why people in the advertising industry should really consider vasectomies.

Apart from that, it’ll help you expand your vocabulary with words like Ondinism and Mammaphilia while educating you on more obscure sexual preferences like Acrotomophilia (which means getting turned on by amputees… yes, it’s on Wikipedia, so it’s real).

So if you’re interested (don’t be shy!), just send an e-mail to [email protected] Retails at RM20 (wooden legs and pirate hooks not included).