Your First Dose of The Vaccines

It’s a new year, so naturally its time to speculate on what’s going to make it big in 2011. Just as I was wondering whatever happened to the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, along came the overly hyped London based band, The Vaccines. Put away the synths and pull out the good ol fashion guitar, cause it looks like we’re having a rock revival this year!

The Vaccines have already been selling out venues and blowing up the blogosphere and even landed themselves on the cover of NME, not bad for a band less than a year old. Check out the single that launched a thousand music blog posts – ‘Wrekin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’.


Also be sure to get some age old wisdom from their latest ‘Post Breakup Sex’.


So is it all hype or are you addicted to the Vaccines? Let us know in comments below and get all your vaccinations from their soundcloud page.