VIDEO: It Doesn’t Matter That Young Thug is Absent from the ‘Wyclef Jean’ Music Video

Most musicians would try their darnedest to avoid being known as a diva – either through good PR or just from being a generally decent human being. Not so much with ATLien Young Thug, true to his social media trolling antics, he just doesn’t give two bits of fuck.

Thugger’s latest music video – JEFFERY highlight ‘Wyclef Jean’ – is devoid of any appearance by the rapper other than a few seconds of self-shot footage from another shoot and a recording of his voice comically explaining the idea behind the video (“I didn’t wanna do foreign cars, I wanted to do kiddie cars”). This isn’t an artistic choice though, as the co-director of the video, Ryan Staake, explains via its text commentary; Jeffery never made it to the shoot.

Watch the video below:

Listen to JEFFERY here.