Young Thousands Speak About Their Past as I, Revival

Hailing from Subang Jaya, Young Thousands are no stranger to the local hardcore scene; their extensive résumé includes opening for international acts like I Killed The Prom Queen and Issues. Their “complex guitar licks, the ever-brash breakdown, throat-crunching fries” have even earned them a spot on TimeOut KL’s critics’ choice for the top local tracks of 2016.

Long-time fans would know, these guys have been active since 2011 but under a different name with a different lineup – as I, Revival. Fittingly, JUICE caught up with the band for insight on their final gig as I, Revival, the reason behind the rebranding, and more.

So, first of all, what led to the decision to do one final show with the old lineup as I, Revival? Was there some kind of nostalgia involved?
Not really nostalgic, we just missed playing shows and the opportunity to perform with Khairul came about, so we took it.

Why did y’all decide to regroup as Young Thousands? Were there any disagreements among bandmates?
We wanted to rebrand ourselves and our music as a means to move on from the previous issues we’ve faced in I, Revival. A fresh start, so to speak.

What were the challenges of being in this band throughout the years and what keeps y’all going?
We loved writing and playing music and it never came across as a challenge for most of us. The challenge has always been doing it full time and struggling [with putting out] consistent releases.

At Rock The World ’15.

Following that thought, how has the band changed and evolved since the beginning of I, Revival back in 2011?
We’ve grown with each other from the beginning, which has developed us into what we are today. We’ve always been a group of friends before a band. It’s great to say we have an understanding and a great relationship working with each other.

What are your inspirations – lyrically and sonically?
Growing as a band we’ve definitely been influenced by many outstanding performers and bands. It’s hard to name all of them, but we always look at what we’ve liked best and tried to achieve a similar if not better output. Musically and lyrically.

Which trends in music have y’all noticed or picked up on lately? And how has that influenced your sound?
There isn’t a particular style or genre we stick to listening. We go from rock, metal, r’n’b, to blues. You name it!

How has the local scene taken to y’all?  What’s the one thing you wish you could change about it?
A positive point of view, we hope. We’ve always tried to outdo ourselves to bring out the best in our music and scene. One thing we wish we could change would probably be appreciation for the musicians and the people that bring these shows together!

What are the goals for Young Thousands and what can we look forward to next?
Can’t say for sure, guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Lastly, we gotta ask this – any advice for up-and-coming musicians? Is there any hope in trying to make it these days?
Be patient, focus on yourselves and your music. Competition is a good thing when taken in a positive and healthy manner. Always be humble.

‘Making it’ is a point of view, as long as you’re happy!

For more info on I, Revival’s final gig, check out this link.

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