You Don’t Need A Licence From Finas To Post Videos On Social Media, Minister Says

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source: SCMP/ The Leaders Online

After the whole Al Jazeera situation, the government discussed whether a licence from Finas should be issued to Malaysians who want to post videos on social media. This sparked rage amongst social media users who found the proposal to be ridiculous.

However, the Cabinet has decided that you don’t need a licence to publish videos online after all. This announcement came from Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, during parliament on 23 July. Saifuddin said,

“The Cabinet has agreed to uphold freedom of the media and individual freedom on social media.”

TikTokers, YouTubers and other social media users are free to use the platforms to create content as usual without a licence or fear of being charged under the Finas act, according to the Star.

Malaysian TikTok videos. source: TechSide Tales

“The government will amend the Finas Act 1981 (Act 224) by taking account the current situations,” he added in a press statement.

He also said that the latest statement is “a continuation” from the statements made on 23 July which stated that the Perikatan Nasional government has no intention to use the Finas Act to take the personal freedom away from individuals on social media and that there is a need to further review the act.

“The ministry has already begun efforts to amend the Acts under the Ministry’s scope so that they can be suitable for current times. The amendment process will begin in the near future,” he said.

Based on the Finas Act 1981, the Ministry, through Finas, monitors film activities, in an effort to preserve and develop the film industry.

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