Yoodo Unplugged: Your Local Telco Offering You Rhythm, Rewards & Hot Air Balloons

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In the ever-evolving symphony of Malaysia’s digital landscape, Yoodo has orchestrated a melody that transcends the boundaries of traditional telco engagement. Nestled at the intersection of innovation and individuality, Yoodo, Malaysia’s first fully customisable digital telco, is not just redefining connectivity but also hitting all the right notes in the local music scene.

This time around, Yoodo was also the Official Telco Sponsor of the 9wave Music Festival 2033, which took place at Sunway Lagoon, on 11 November 2023.

In a candid chat with Yoodo’s maestro, Head of Yoodo Chow Tuck Mun, we unraveled the threads that weave the brand’s strong affiliation, partnership, and involvement in the local music scene. “Yoodo is not just a service provider; it’s an experience tailor-made for the digital natives, the modern consumers who conduct their lives through apps,” declares Chow.

Digital, Dynamic & Diverse

Yoodo’s unique selling proposition lies in its full customisability. From plans to data, every aspect is at your fingertips through their app, catering to the online-savvy generation. But the question arises: How does one resonate, engage, and provide for this dynamic and diverse audience?

“Innovation is our anthem,” Chow responds. “Digital marketing is a given, but we dive deeper. We target lifestyle segments that matter to our users – K-pop, e-sports, gaming, and the realm of music and entertainment. These are the avenues through which we connect with the heartbeats of the younger generation.”

Where Music Meets Modernity

Chow delves into the genesis of Yoodo Presents, an umbrella initiative that encapsulates the brand’s foray into the music and entertainment cosmos. “We wanted to create a space where community and music converge. We’re not just throwing events; we’re nurturing a sense of togetherness,” he shares.

Yoodo’s resonance in the music spectrum is not confined to the mainstream. “We’re deeply rooted in the indie music scene,” Chow asserts. From supporting the independent radio station Rakita FM to backing local festivals like TapauFest and the Northern Music Festival, Yoodo is fostering a thriving community of music enthusiasts.

“We don’t just sponsor events; we invest in the people behind the music,” he emphasises. Yoodo’s sponsorship isn’t merely financial; it’s a lifeline for budding musicians, especially during challenging times. From Anugerah Lagu Indie to the Northern Music Festival, Yoodo has left its melodious mark.

“During the pandemic, when live performances faced a hiatus, Yoodo Presents went online, offering financial support to artists. It’s not just about connectivity; it’s about supporting livelihoods,” Chow reflects.

A Glimpse into Yoodo’s Eventful Past

Chow invites us to relive two unforgettable moments from past events. The first, Anugerah Lagu Indie, a culmination of the year’s indie music events, is a cherished memory for Chow. “Presenting awards at such a meaningful ceremony, where up-and-coming musicians are recognised, is truly memorable – we really get to feel like we are making a difference,” he reminisces.

The second, a unique experience at the Northern Music Festival, where Yoodo’s sponsorship went beyond financial support. “Yoodo customers present had the chance to witness a majestic hot air balloon in the night sky. It was a beautiful spectacle, and knowing that we provided such a unique experience was cool for us,” Chow shares.

Yoodo’s commitment to its customer-centric ethos shines through in its unique approach. The company ensures that its valued customers stand a chance to win tickets through enticing giveaways and discounted offers. In a recent event, fortunate recipients not only secured event access but also enjoyed the spectacle of a captivating hot air balloon. Yoodo acknowledges the reality that not everyone can attend such events, and endeavours to provide opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

While these occasions are undeniably delightful, Yoodo also recognises the financial challenges faced by event organisers. By extending these opportunities, the company not only enriches the experiences of its customers but also plays a part in supporting event organisers in meeting their financial requirements. At Yoodo, the belief is firmly rooted in making unforgettable moments accessible to all.

Inviting ‘Yoo’ To The Symphony

Chow extends a special invitation to readers: “Give Yoodo a try. It’s not just a telco; it’s a personalised experience. Change your plan every month based on your needs, all at the tap of an app.”

In the grand crescendo of Yoodo’s involvement in music, K-pop, and e-sports events, Chow concludes, “We’re not just connecting people; we’re connecting passions. Attend the events, win tickets, get discounts. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about the melody; it’s about the harmony we create together.”

And the best part? It’s fully digital, no outlet visits needed! Take it from Chow – Yoodo might just be the Telco provider of your K-popping dreams.

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