Yeasayer: Odd Blood (Secretely Canadian)

Hailing from the birthplace of hipsters, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Yeasayer are the quint-essential “too-indie-arsty-for-you” band. With one exception: They make good music. Since their 2007 debut, Yeasayer’s follow-up has been hotly anticipated by skinny jeans aficionados everywhere. Don’t let that scare you, it’s for normal people too.

If the ominous opening track ‘Children’ frightens you a bit, just keep going cause everything is going to be alright. From the groovy vibe on Love me girl to ONE which sounds like it comes straight out of the 80s (in a New Order kind of way as opposed to a Duran Duran kind of way), there’s something for everyone.

Overall the aptly titled Odd Blood (well except for the “blood” part) is a fabulous foray into combining and experimenting with all types of sounds. From sax-riffs to synth, I even think I heard a horse neigh at some point. The real question is “What can’t  you find on this album?” Answer: Guitar. But we all know key-tars look so much cooler.

Yeasayer has pulled together a delightful cohesive album. Its unique arrangements make for an engaging dynamic that will keep you coming back for more. So until life actually turns into a musical and all advice comes in the form of catchy pop tunes, just keep listening to ‘Ambling Alp’ on repeat.

LISTEN TO: ONE, Ambling Alp
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1. The Children
2. Ambling Alp
3. Madder Red
4. I Remember
5. ONE
6. Love Me Girl
7. Rome
8. Strange Reunions
9. Mondegreen
10. Grizelda