LISTEN: Yahna’s Debut LP Haze is a Frank, Wordless Expression of His Interpersonal Relationships

Image Axel Serik Visual Ciboi

While bass music had already went from the heightened intensity of hearts palpitating to bursting sound systems, to the more delicate emotions of post-dubstep long ago (thanks to James Blake, no doubt), it’s still a rarity when a DJ-producer releases a purely instrumental record that evokes strong pathos. Italo-Chinese Yahna (real name Luca Fucile) has done exactly that with debut full-length album Haze – a record chronicling the relationships built as he was honing his craft and album. Each track representative of the characters he had met over the years – from family to idols – the album as a whole is soundtracked to differing interpersonal links hinted by its titles, such as platonic closeness (‘No Romance’), dissipated friendship (‘Old Friend’), domestic difficulty (‘Never Home’), and ultimately, of the self (‘Reflection’). As a former student of the now defunct London School of Sound, the UK scene indubitably influences the 22-year-old and it shows in not only Haze’s production style, but its polish as well.

Stream Haze below:

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