XYXX Pres. No Parking on the Dance Floor


Frangipani‘s latest weekly night, XYXX, is teaming up with Heavy Boogie‘s maestro and former member of Regurgitator, DJ Kristian Hernandez, for one wild night. The combination of the delectable sounds of the world famous DJ and Frangipani’s lush interiors is set to create a night that any club kid will not be able to turn down. Kristian Hernandez has the uncanny ability to move crowds in countries across the globe, like some kind of international snake charmer with his DJ equipment as the flute.  He is truly the Gordon Ramsay of mixing; winning people over with his signature recipe — a heavy bass, a pinch of high notes, and just the right amount of breaks to get people all riled up before the beat drops.  Music lovers will definitely be in good hands with this seasoned pro. Get ready for the eargasms!

Date Wednesday 10 September ’14
Time 10pm
Venue Frangipani Restaurant and Bar
Cover Free Entry

More information at No Parking on the Dance Floor’s Facebook page