Xena Saves the Earth

You guys remember Xena: Princess Warrior the TV series? Of course you do. Lucy Lawless (left in pic) who starred as Xena, and other celebrity ambassadors were at the launch of Greenpeace’s Sign On campaign hosted by the warrior princess herself.  The major climate change awareness campaign was launched at Mission Bay home of the Hollywood actress.

The Greenpeace’s Sign On campaign aims to garner Kiwi support for the NZ government to commit to a 40% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2020. Celebrities who signed the petition at the barbecue include actress Robyn Malcolm, 42Below founder Geoff Ross, actor Rhys Darby, The Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall and some Shortland Street actors.

Lawless agreed to host the launch because she wants to safeguard her children’s future. “There is nowhere else for our grandchildren to go. We don’t have another planet up our sleeves. We can’t take our 3 billion profit, get in a spaceship and go somewhere else,” she says.

It’s crucial that the government commits to the target at the United Nations Climate Change Conference that’s happening in Copenhagen in December. Scientists believe action is needed in the next 10 years to prevent climate change reaching a “tipping point” if we don’t, we start moving into a very unpredictable and uncertain future. Yikes!

To sign the petition go to www.signon.org.nz now!