wwf feed me! exhibition


Every Saturday after I’ve disposed of the laundry I try to do something different, just to throw a spanner in. So far I’ve worn my underwear inside out, customised a tee I was going to trash anyway and last Saturday I went to Feed Me! An Exploration of Appetites. An art initiative by WWF it was held at the Rimbun Dahan art colony, which you arrive at after a considerable drive out of KL, during which time you discover that even the corridors that link up townships are now townships. Some of the artists were familiar: Clickproject; Arie Dayanto (who exhibited at the JUICE Nike Air Max 360 event in January and blew everyone away with his complex and totally convincing multi-layered stencils that someone thought to nick it); and Khairul Azmir Shoib, who’s gothic fairytale inspired works are utterly charming although his short story here could have done with an editor as the grammar was a bit suspect.

Surprisingly, although I know f-all about proper art I found Ahmad Zakii Anwar’s Kenduri impressive. Featuring an impassive looking bull pre-slaughter, it totally connected with me what with being a vegetarian. Oh, and I was joined by a dog who wandered around sniffing the art work. I like dogs, but this one had to be escorted out as he barfed next to one exhibit before peeing next to another. Critics, eh.