Worldwide Music Festival 09

Fancy having a rave party which stretches throughout the entire long walk of Siloso Beach, Singapore? Happy hours, DJs cranking up the volume, amplifying R&B, hip hop, house and their own blend of remixes from both ends of the beach. Sigh. It could only be the Worldwide Music Festival.

When JUICE got there at 9pm, DJ Lefto was doing his thang with those powerful hip hop tracks. The lil  Jap powerhouse DJ Kentaro took over the decks later and spun us addictive breaks, drum ‘n’ bass. He pumped up the crowd into madness and left them in dust with his scratches. The night was getting crazy, but it didn’t release the party animal in them yet. A couple of more shots and harder-better-faster-stronger bootyshakin’ tracks did the trick. Heh heh.

After midnight, the party was hit its climax like no other. Up, down, front, back, right, left and center, we saw crazy peeps letting their hair down shaking what their mama gave them like no one’s watching; some were sloshed in the sand, others were running around in a frenzy - a beer on one hand and a ciggie in another. JUICE spotted some couples getting *cough* naughty with one another in one corner too. Whoops! We burried ourselves comfy in the sand and crashed with ’em party peeps for the night… or morning. It was 5am.

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