World Wide Which?: Design For Life

We all need a little inspiration. Luckily it’s right at our fingertips with this installment of our guide of the internet. Picasso would probably Gogh to these sites.

Text: June Low

The Best Designs |
As its name suggests, this site features some of the quirkiest designs by the most talented individuals the world over. The gallery is categorised by theme (eg. Space, Landscapes, Skies) for easy access. There are also designer listings so you can get in touch with one and commission something awesome.

JJJound |
There is no text on this site, just pretty pictures. Talk about being lazy. The upside to it is that it’s a very clean design and the pictures are very well-curated. Ideal for fuss free inspiration.

We <3 It |
Never again will you be stuck trying to figure out where you saw that dolphin anime online that would go perfectly with your latest blog post. We <3 It lets you create a page to store your favourite images and videos (called a “heart”). If you find pictures you like while browsing through other users’ pages, click on the heart icon and the images will be added to your own heart. Tags make it easy to locate images from large collections. We <3 that!

Haus of BiB |
It’s important to make your Blackberry look like a Christmas tree, because everybody has one these days. Haus of North Pole can pimp your sleigh, but Haus of BiB will pimp your Berry-simply e-mail your designs and they’ll make it happen. If you’re utterly unoriginal but still want a blinged up berry, choose from the plethora of housing and cases available. No one will notice…

Sleevage |
Let’s face it; everyone loves checking out cool album sleeves. Sometimes more than the album itself. But life is unfair and you can’t always get what you want. That’s where Sleevage comes to the rescue. It not only houses a collection of covers dating back to the 60s, but also provides commentary on the design process and listings on where you can buy sold-out albums.

Check out the best sites on nightlife in our next post, Flashing Lights! As well as the rest of our guide of the internet, all next week!