World Wide Which?: Passion For Fashion

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Looking good has never been easier! With the onslaught of shopping websites and a new blogshop popping up everyday, it can be hard to navigate through the noise. But don’t worry, we’ve listed our go-to shopping and style sites, below, Paypal is your new best friend.

Text: June Low


Wonderland Magazine |
If Alice had fallen down the right rabbit hole, she might’ve ended up in a different Wonderland filled with hot models on runways, new trends and the latest store window displays.

Le Fashion |
Words just get in the way when it comes to fashion, especially them verbs. Le Fashion carefully curates photos of the latest outfits and accessories with minimal commentary, so you can use your imagination to figure out what to do with them!

Tongue In Chic |
Malaysia’s very own online hub with many interesting sections covering all the nooks and crannies of the fashion scene, both local and international. It’s bursting with the latest stores, contests, DIY projects and promotions, so you have no excuse not to get off that chair and get involved.

Shopping (Local)

Grabbs |
Stop carrying that plastic bag around! Totes and clutches at Grabbs come with reasonable price tags (RM40-RM90) and it stocks the latest trends. Instead of paying for delivery costs, you can choose to collect your bags at one of its many pick-up locations.

The Old Blossom Box |
A lovely little curiosity shop exploding with colours, choose from a large collection of quirky vintage designs and get your kitsch on.

The October |
It’s like Milan in Malaysia! Get clothes inspired by runway shows at street-style prices. Delivery is free for orders over RM100, and keep an eye out for special bargains each week.

Soak Republic |
There are really enough gorgeous accessories at Soak Republic to drown you. When plain is no longer the name of the game, keep the bling fresh yet classy and strut outside with your head held high.

Shopping (International)

Wondershoe |
Guess what? Those killer heels will kill you someday. Take the pressure off and try Wondershoe. It’s a site dedicated to people who love flats (the shoes, not the housing option) and it’s got a huge selection that will not let you down.

This UK-based site is one of the largest for online shopping. Great for those who want to dress like a celebrity as it offers the latest designs at a fraction of the price. Best of all, delivery is free!

The Ballet Cats |
The Ballet Cats is a clothing label by designer and schizophrenic, Jordan Marzuki. He describes his work as a dark fairytale involving the odd side of human life and innocent animals. Those animals look homicidal to us, but if uniqueness is what you’re looking for, then look no further.

Next up, we are listing some of the best art sites on the web.

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