World Wide Which?: Food For Thought

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Getting a kick in the head is not always a bad thing, especially when it’s done right. Our guide to the internet continues with sites dedicated to provoking and disturbing normal thought processes… A swift kick in the head is not always a bad thing.

Text: June Low

Thought Catalog |
Read mainstream media if you want to be informed. Read the Thought Catalog if you want to be interesting. Its entertaining yet intelligent analyses of a host of topics ranging from pizza porn to anti anti-smoking messages open up new perspectives, to say the least.

The Oatmeal |
Always wanted to know what Santa really does while you’re asleep? The Oatmeal provides hilarious illustrated guides with answers to all of life’s mysteries! Also take quizzes to find out if your loved ones are plotting to eat you or how long you might survive after kicking a bear in the balls.

Hyperbole and a Half |
Without a doubt, Allie Brosh is one of the more talented storytellers out there. Combining hyperbolical stories about her life with incredible illustrations, you’ll 1st be amazed at how the stories come alive and jump out at you, and after that you’ll be surprised at how well you can relate to them. It’s a lot of fun!

Gives Me Hope |
When venting on F*ck My Life has stopped working, head on over to Gives Me Hope to change your way of looking at things. It’s simply positivity overload and a Mecca for Chicken Soup For The Soul fans. Hey, it works for some people.

Blog Anak Mat Nor |
As a child, he dreamt of becoming a cool biker, snooker player or breakdancer. 20 years on and realising he was none of these things, the son of Mat Nor decided to become a blogger. Examining Malaysian culture in a completely twisted way, this local boy’s observations are truly unique and will have you in stitches.

One more to go! Tomorrow wraps up our guide to the internet with sites dedicated to street culture.