World Wide Which?: Excellent Earfuls

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the kajillion websites that exist in the interwebs? Yes, you over there, checking yourself into a mental hospital for stress, anxiety and fear of being left behind. Put the panic away for a minute and check out these awesome sites. Today we’ve got the best music sources online.  If the internet made albums, these would be its greatest hits.

Text: June Low

Excellent Earfuls
These sites give new meaning to “easy listening”.

Grooveshark |
A free, music-streaming hub with a humongous library that will put others to shame. Create and save a playlist or check out Grooveshark Radio for song recommendations. You can also start a radio station by uploading your own music.

Radio Raksaksa |
Homegrown, indie internet radio with a simple goal to play music that doesn’t suck. Be prepared for an interesting ride as it takes you through non-mainstream music from all over the world and hosts radio shows that are out of this world!

Record Label |
Avast, me hearties! There’s no longer a need to steal music when kick@ss artists are offering legit free downloads on a daily basis. There’s also a mixtape each week from artists like Sleigh Bells and A-Trak… Arrrrr!

Soundcloud |
Revolutionising the way we share music, Soundcloud gives your music an identity and lets other users comment at specific moments throughout the track to provide valuable feedback on your work. Way to make music come alive, huh?

Moodstream |
A player for all seasons. 1st, program your mood with the customisable settings, or choose from the presets. The player not only streams music, it also displays images (anything from wildlife images to men at the Olympics) to correspond with your mood.

Stay tune for more of the best websites…

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