World Wide Which?: Eat Your Greens

You may think it’s all fun, frolic and frivolity here at JUICE. It is, but it includes a soft side for the environment. We’re back with our guide to the World Wide Webz and if Captain Planet spent time surfing the internet instead of fighting bad guys, he’d have these bookmarked under “Favourites”.

Text: June Low

Treehugger |
The mother of all environmental blogs, Treehugger houses pretty much everything related to the environment. With updated news, recipes, travel tips and even information on how to green up your sex life, you’ll be a green hornet in no time.

The Discerning Brute |
Joshua Katcher is more than just a metrosexual with a blog. The celebrity vegan is a committed environmentalist and social justice advocate, and his website empowers men to make ethical, informed decisions concerning their lifestyles. Checkout intelligent interviews and articles, recipes, reviews, contests; and party on ethically and responsibly like the real man you are.

Ecouterre |
Aiming to change the traditional view on sustainable fashion, Ecouterre showcases the latest designs while providing an education on the social and environmental impacts of fashion. Aside from runway-worthy garments constructed according to zero-waste principles, there’s also the “tech” section showcasing shockers like electricity-generating t-shirts and skin-tight astronaut suits.

Inhabitat |
Inhabitat highlights the latest in sustainable home designs. Check out tips on how to remodel your home using sustainable materials, the latest products made from recycled/renewable materials (a chair made of candy wrappers, anyone?) and advances in energy-efficient technology, and be inspired by artists who create mind-blowing pieces with sustainability in mind.

Sea Shepherd |
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international, non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. And just like hardcore green pirates who have their own armada, the team goes sail to sail against whaling ships, exposing and confronting illegal activities on the high seas. Learn more about their efforts in protecting marine life, make a donation or get involved by volunteering. We’re sure you’ll have a whale of a time!

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