Wooi Lee Khor: Idle Hands

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source: Wooi Lee Khor

London-based Kuching cat Wooi Lee (or Willie, as he’s known to his friends) never really had an epiphany that art was something for him to do – it just came naturally, with him gaining practice through his doodles on textbooks, tables, random sheets of A4 paper, and then his Moleskine notebooks, provided ever so generously by his friends who’d taken notice of his talent. If his name seems familiar, it’s definitely because his artwork has been accompanying indie label Akhyla’s numerous releases over the past few months, with VMPRMYTH paging his fellow Sarawakian buddy to come up with something a few weeks before the announcement on their Facebook page and Wooi Lee duly heading onto Tumblr to find inspiration before twisting it out of context and wrangling it into his very own. The 23-year-old is working on a four-track EP as well after deciding that his artistic pursuits shouldn’t just be limited to the visual, but beyond that too.


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