Wondermilk Celebrates Lomo LC-A’s 25th

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Wahey! Happy 25th birthday to Lomo LC-A! The always-creative people of Wondermilk is hosting the birthday party at, where else eh? Celebrate this worldwide festival which also takes place in Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Sydney, New York and a whole lot more to be announced. Everyone’s invited to Wondermilk Café at Damansara Utama this Friday from 8pm onwards. You know you want to be there.

Wondermilk are gonna be playing you some 80s groovy jams, so go dig out your yesteryear wardrobe or raid  your older sibling’s wardrobe because you may win yourself a Wondermilk goodie for best dressed! Of course, the infamous cupcakes will be served Lomo-style, plus Lomo tattoos for all you crazy kids.

There’s gonna be a Lomo LC-A design competition limited for the first 50 Lomographers. Here are the details:
1. Starts 8pm. Paper LC-A template will be given. 1st come 1st served. Round 1 begins.
2. Bring your materials. ie: glue, scissors, markers, glitter, paint, collage, ruler, rubber ducky, toy gun, butter, minced beef, etc.
3. 1 hour 30 mins for you to decorate your LC-A for submission. Do not cut out the template yet.
4. Best 10 designs goes to the next round.
5. In round 2, you cut and assemble the design as fast and neatly as you can. Best 3 wins a prize.

Grand prize: Mystery Lomography camera, limited edition Lomo t-shirt, LC-A birthday goodies + Wondermilk goodies
Second Prize: Limited edition Lomo t-shirt, LC-A birthday goodies + Wondermilk goodies
Third prize: LC-A birthday goodies + Wondermilk goodies

Sounds like a ball of fun! This is also your best chance to meet other lomographers and exchange ideas!

Call 03 7725 8930 if you have any questions, or head over to Wondermilk’s Facebook event page to get the low down on Wondermilk Celebrates Lomo LC-A’s 25th Birthday. Hit up www.lomographyasia.com to learn more about Lomography in Asia.

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