23-Year-Old Woman Dies After Fall From Fourth Floor of Suria KLCC

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(source: NST, Travelvui)

Yesterday (1 Aug), a 23-year-old woman fell to her death from an upper floor at the Suria KLCC shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

According to NST, the victim was reportedly seen walking around on the fourth floor, before she was said to have suddenly climbed onto the railing.

Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Noor Dellhan Yahaya said they received a distress call at 9.45pm and investigators were rushed to the scene.

“Checks (of CCTV footage) showed the 23-year-old victim roaming on the fourth floor of the centre court. She landed on the ground floor of the centre court and was pronounced dead at the scene,” he said.

Suria KLCC management has also confirmed the incident.

“The management of Suria KLCC regrets to confirm that there has been an unfortunate incident that took place this evening at Suria KLCC as a result of someone falling from an upper level of the mall. It deeply saddens us to inform (you) that the person has passed away,” the statement read.

Suria KLCC also said they were working closely with the investigating officers and will provide them with access to all resources they may need to assist them in their investigations.

The last similar incident took place in April of last year as a man fell to his death from the third floor of Suria KLCC.

(source: The Indian Express)

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