Woman Attempts To Fake Payment Via QR Pay At Local Pet Shop, Owner Urges Businesses To Be Careful

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source: Twitter (@FaezNajmuddin)

Pet shop owner Faez Najmuddin (@FaezNajmuddin) took to Twitter yesterday (June 9) to share a harrowing tale of how he was nearly ‘scammed’ by a customer who tried to cheat her way out of making payment.

According to the thread, the woman had entered the pet shop located in Mercato, Enstek with 2 young boys and gathered her items to be paid for at the counter as per usual.

Faez then overheard her conversation with the cashier, requesting to make her payments via DuitNow.

Trusting his intuition, Faez checked his QRPayBiz app to verify that the transaction had gone through, only to find that no payment was made.

The woman then proceeded to select more items from the shop. However, this time, Faez stepped up to the counter.

She engaged him in casual conversation, displaying the following ‘transaction’ on her phone as proof of payment:

source: Twitter (@FaezNajmuddin)

According to Faez, her first purchase came up to around RM40, totalling her full unpaid bill to over RM150.

He also emphasised how the name of the shop was written in the space that usually states that the transaction was successful.

Evidently, the woman had simply taken a screenshot of the page and conveniently cropped out the “Pay Now” button.

Her quick antic was also captured by the shop’s CCTV recordings.

She then headed to her car, lugging along the ‘purchased’ goods, but Faez, upon double checking his app for the missing transactions, insisted that she leave the shop empty-handed.

He also suggested for her to bring the issue up with Maybank, as she claimed that her money had been deducted.

The deception doesn’t end there; she also messaged Faez asking when she could expect her refund. He did not entertain her questions and merely told her once again to get in touch with Maybank, as per directions from the bank’s fraud department.

Shortly after, a CCTV camera from the pet shop’s other branch found the same woman trying and failing to use the same method. Fortunately, the cashier picked up on what was happening, and finally the fraudster had to pay in cash.

Faez advised business owners to take caution and reconfirm payment transactions, especially smaller businesses, and stalls managed by the elderly.

Needless to say, angered netizens commented on the matter as well, sharing similar stories and messages fuelled by irk.

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