Wolfram: Modern Day Disco Connoisseur

Eccentric, offbeat, tangled messed-up hair look with a combination of smouldering sex appeal are just the few things that would make girls swoon when it comes to this wolf. DJ Wolfram has shared the stage with Moby and produced with artists like Hercules & Love Affair and Legowelt, who also has worked on his album. Hailing from the alps of Austria, this wolf of a man will be hitting up Bedroom tonight with some quality disco, italo disco and nu disco tunes for your ears but before that (we know all of you are pretty damn excited), let’s get a little personal with him. We managed to mail over Wolfram some of our questions and here are his answers. If there are still some unanswered questions, meet him yourself and ask him tonight!

What kind of music did you listen to as a kid that has influenced you to produce your music today?
I listened to ’80s pop and my father’s electronic music like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Art of Noise! And I always watched the movie The Never Ending Story and I loved the soundtrack.

Disco has just made a revival in Malaysia and we’re quite oblivious to the terms they have now for different kinds of disco. Tell us a little about the difference between disco, nu-disco and italo disco.
Disco was born in the ’70s and was played by live musicians. I’ve always loved italo the most because it was more spacey and it’s more robotic. It’s from the early ’80s and based on drum machines and synths. Nu disco is made now.

How do you think the current disco scene compares to back in its glory days? 
I don’t know but I feel like the musicians back then had more talent.

Paris Hilton just recently picked up DJing. What do you have to say about this?
I don’t care! Everybody has to do what he thinks he or she is good at. If she thinks she is good at djing then she might be wrong but as long as she makes herself and a few others happy she should do it. As long as I don’t need to listen to it.

What’s the story behind the name Diskokaine and why’d you change it to your first name, Wolfram?
It’s almost 10 years ago when I came up with Diskokaine and I thought it’s a good combination of Disko and that other word. Nowadays, I’m older (and more boring) and my album is more song orientated than full of tracks so I wanted a new name for that.

How’s the experience playing your music in Asia and how’s the response like from this side of the region?
It’s always great fun and I really appreciate the knowledge and taste of Asian music lovers.

You’re definitely a collaborative artist. Basically every track on the album features someone else. Why do you go about working on music like that?
Because I cannot sing and my friends can do it better! If I wouldn’t collaborate, it would be an instrumental because I only make the music. Check out the song ‘Roshi’ then you will know how it would sound.

How long did it take to complete the album?
Like 8 months!

Long. You have a good-looking mum and the photo is awesome but why did you choose the photo of you and your mum for the cover of your album?
Because if my album was going to be a flop then at least I made something nice for my mum.

Since you were kind enough to feature your mum on the front cover of your album we’re guessing that you love your mum very much. How did you celebrate mother’s day this year? 
I just surprised her with a small present and we spent all day together.

The event page for your coming gig on Friday says that you’re sexy and most of your pictures seems to portray the image. What’s your tip for guys trying to be sexy by nature? 
Just be yourself and sleep a lot until you get my hairstyle.

If you’ve been dying to listen to his disco tunes live, here’s your chance. Head on to Bedroom tonight and catch him alongside with our local disco heroes, Alex Asquared and Xes Xes Loveseat. Check out the event page for more info, click here.