Wolfgang: Howlin’ Hipster-Wear

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Images Iskander Khan + Ebby Ariff

Taking note of the rapid proliferation of fashion-conscious Malaysian youth, Iskander Khan set out to embody his interest in style and contribute something to society, by creating his own clothing label: WOLFGANG (WG). Having observed local streetwear brands catering to a whole range of subcultures; from hip hop to heavy metal fans, he sensed a gap in the market for apparel dedicated to followers of the alternative music scene. Iskander wanted to give more people the opportunity to express their personalities through the way they style themselves, and thus WOLFGANG was born.

A testament to the spread of UK indie fashion and music culture to South East Asia, WG lists the dapper Fred Perry, Pretty Green, and Topman amongst its style inspirations. What sets WG apart however, is its decidedly alt vibe – think more-hipster-than-thou music festival-goers and you’re on the right track.

Currently available are three separate WG designs, the WOLFGANG tank top, Run With The Wolves shirt, and the Wolf UK shirt. Whilst t-shirts have been the initial focus, long-term plans encompass a full line branching into polo shirts, trousers, caps, jackets, and other accessories.

The idea behind these initial signature pieces is building brand recognition, but if they’re anything to go by, we can expect some pretty great things from the two new items currently in the pipeline: WG snapbacks and necklaces. And it won’t stop there. WG has sights set on a future ranked as top dog, aiming to have a staple item in the carefully curated closets of every scenester in town. We see a full moon rising soon.

If you want to join the wolf pack, checkout irunwiththewolves.tumblr.com and facebook.com/runwithwolfgang.

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