With Inauguration Cancelled, Security Deployed at Palace, Tun Mahathir Will NOT be PM Today

We thought everything ended on a high note early this morning, but CNA’s Sumisha Naidu has reported on Twitter that the Palace where Tun Mahathir’s inauguration should take place this morning is seeing heightened security at each entrance.


According to her, police have blocked the National palace entrance and and told her “The government has not been formed. Nothing is happening here.”

Can only assume something is happening behind closed doors. But before we jump the gun, let’s wait for the official word.

PH Supporters have already turned up to witness Dr M being sworn in as PM.


Like this guy who’s barely 21…

The CNA Reporter also noted Dr M’s outfit which “is not the outfit that PM candidates wear when being sworn in.”



Dr M and PH were announced the winners of GE14 early this morning after hours of poll tallying. Dr Mahathir’s inauguration as Malaysia’s Prime Minister was meant to be held at 9:30am today. During a press conference at 2.45am, Mahathir said that he will appoint Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the deputy prime minister once he is sworn in.

So far Najib has not contacted Dr M to congratulate him on PH’s win, but NST has reported that a black tinted van has left Najib’s residence.

Some messages that we’ve been receiving on Whatsapp point to a technical issue on why Dr M is not sworn in yet–because Pakatan Harapan’s coalition has not been formalised; therefore Keadilan (PKR) which won the most Parliamentary seats doesn’t quality to form a new government as they are short of the 112 seats needed without the other component PH parties.

We’ll keep you update as this incident unfolds. Stay tuned.