Wine Talk Pres. Craft Beer Tasting


The increase of bars serving craft beers has been rapid over the last five years. However, considering that the market is somewhat new, education of the product is very much needed. There is no special way to drink beer — except to have lots of it in one sitting, and that it’s chilled of course — but enlightening the consumer of the beer’s history so that they understand and appreciate the brewing process will add to the drinking experience. The company hosting this event is Wine Talk Malaysia; a delivery service for the best wines, champagnes, and non-alcoholic wines (why?!) around Peninsular Malaysia. They’re hosting a beer tasting to teach consumers about American crafts’ secrets in hopes of them leaving their days of drinking watered-down beers behind.

Date Saturday 23 January ’16
Time 3pm
Venue La Bodega, Jalan Telawi
Tickets RM110 (Early Bird) / RM120 (Regular)

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