Win Gold Bars And More With These CNY Gift Packs Perfect For Health Conscious Loved Ones

This Spotlight is sponsored by ecoBrown’s.

Gaissss, Chinese New Year is just weeks away. :O Are you all prepped?

There’s so much to do before Chinese New Year — clean and decorate the house with red-themed decor, shop for new clothes, stock up on ingredients for your reunion dinner, and much more.

The festive season is definitely a time that many look forward to, especially for parents and grandparents as they’ll finally get to spend time with all their children and grandchildren in one place.

This CNY, if you’re visiting family and loved ones, don’t forget to bring along gifts to show them how much you care

Just in time for Chinese New Year, popular rice brand ecoBrown’s has come up with their Happy Gift Pack. This is in line with their campaign, ProspeRice with ecoBrown’s, consisting of various ecoBrown’s products to gift your health-conscious loved ones.

Here’s what you’ll be getting in the Happy Gift Pack:
– Two 250g packs of the special edition ecoBrown’s Gold
– Two 250g packs of the special edition ecoBrown’s Steam Brown Rice
– Two 250g packs of the special edition ecoBrown’s Original
– A box of ecoBrown’s Chocolate Wholegrain Rice Drink (Energy)
– 360g of Coffee Plus
– 360g Cereal Plus
– A gift card

What’s even more exciting is that you can now also sign up for ecoBrown’s monthly subscription package to help you sustain a healthy diet.

Starting at just RM21 monthly, ecoBrown’s Sella Cream Basmathi Rice will be delivered to your doorstep, saving you time and energy! Plus, you can choose between the three-month or six-month package, and 2KG or 5KG of Sella Cream Basmathi rice, so you don’t have to worry about running out of rice at home.

If you would like to sign up for the monthly subscription package, click here to start enjoying the Sella Cream Basmathi Rice, just in time for Chinese New Year!

That’s not all. You could win gold bars just by purchasing ecoBrown’s products and joining their lucky draw contest. Woahhhh! 😀

Let’s be honest, receiving ang pows is what most of us are excited about for the upcoming CNY, but if you could walk away with gold bars, that would be the cherry on the cake for the festive season.

There are up to four gold bars, 180 special gifts, eMovie tickets, and more up for grabs!

Here’s how you can join the lucky draw:

All you have to do is purchase any ecoBrown’s products from now till 19 February to participate*. When you purchase on ecoBrown’s official website, you’ll automatically be signed up for the lucky draw. Whereas, if you purchase their products in-store or on official online platforms like Shopee and Lazada, you’ll have to follow the steps mentioned above. And remember, the more ecoBrown’s products you purchase, the higher your chances of winning!

So, what are you aiming for? Take a look at the prize list here:

Grand Prize: Gold Bar 999.9/24K (10gm) + Special Gift

First Prize: Gold Bar 999.9/24K (5gm) + Special Gift

Second Prize: Gold Bar 999.9/24K (3gm) + Special Gift

Third Prize: Gold Bar 999.9/24K (1gm) + Special Gift

Special Prizes: 88 sets Special Gift + Fu Lu Shou (250g special edition ecoBrown’s Gold, 250g special edition ecoBrown’s Steam Brown Rice, and 250g special edition ecoBrown’s Original)

Consolation Prizes: 88 sets of Heist eMovie Tickets + Special Gift (e-cash voucher RM10 & ecoBrown’s 3 plus series beverages)

*Terms and conditions apply. Read them here.


So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to ecoBrown’s website and shop for some healthy items for your loved ones this CNY.

Plus, when you spend RM50 and above on their products, you’ll get to enjoy free delivery to your beloved’s doorstep. Yay! 🙂