Win a Set of Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series

Carlsberg_Men's Grooming Series

We’re sure many of you had dreamt of bathing in a sea of beer, how luxurious it must feel on the skin and how convenient it is to take a sip as you wash yourself. Although we strongly advise that you don’t ingest these (obviously), Carlsberg has made that fantasy a reality with their limited edition line of Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series. The men’s grooming series consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, and a body lotion (250ml each) that are made from half a litre of beer, which contains the finest yeast, hop, and barley — chalk full of Vitamin B and Silicium that are beneficial for both your hair and body. The scent of the hair products still retain the musky beer aroma mixed with a tinge of lemon, while the body lotion will leave the skin feeling fresh and non-tacky. The line of men’s grooming products are vegan, uses organic ingredients, and doesn’t contain parabens, perfume, or dye.

Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Series

There are only 200 Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series sets available in the country — retailing at RM380 (excluding GST) via here. But we have three (3) sets of the Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series up for grabs. Answer the question below to stand a chance to win one:

Q: Why do you think Carlsberg is probably the best beer in the world?

Send your answer by Friday 18 December ’15 along with your full nameIC, and handphone number with the subject ‘Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series to [email protected]. Winners will be notified immediately via phone and email. Contest is only applicable to non-Muslims age 18 and above.