Win A Copy Of Manson’s Latest Album

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Evil knows no boundaries. And Marilyn Manson knows you want his album. As a fellow minion of the underworld, JUICE has prepared 5 copies of the Prince of Darkness’ latest album The High End of Low to bestow upon you darklings.

Marilyn Manson’s much anticipated reunion with longtime friend and foil Twiggy Ramirez materialises on The High End of Low. Manson himself claimed that this album is closest to Antichrist Superstar. And he’s right too. High End of Low brings him back to his roots. To liberate a copy, tell us what’s the highest high and/or the lowest low you’ve ever had?

Send in your answers along with your full name, IC and handphone number pronto to [email protected] with the subject title “Manson Loves You“.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 30 September 2009. All winners will be notified by Friday 16 October 2009.