Will.I.Am (DJ Set) @ Blanc Le Club

Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am took on the role of guest DJ at Blanc Le Club on Asian Heritage Row on Thursday. It was a messy night. Here’s a video I compiled. I ain’t got a high definition camera or anything of that sort, so bear with me.


So, what do I mean by messy? Let’s rewind. The night started with Playaz Universe’s DJ Face dishing out some dope hip hop joints, which got real hip hop heads who recognise him and the music nodding in agreement. The rest of the crowd, well, they were just lurking around, looking uneasy, waiting for the Pea to arrive. Judging y the disengaged attitudes there was obvious a lot of people there to just see Will.I.Am and possibly the rest of the Peas.

Sure enough, 3 out of 4 members of BEP made their way into Blanc Le Club before midnight while DJ T-Bone was on the decks. Fergie must have stayed in and had an early night so she’d look Fergilicious the next day. Ha.

Will taking his cue from T-Bone, set it off on some grimy hip hop. All eyes were on the big P. Taboo and Apl.De.Ap, who were ensconced in the VIP section made their way into the console to hype their man up.

As I expected, Will.I.Am decked out his dance set with his electro to classic dance tracks. Frankly I thought it was a hot mess, but for many people, the party had started. Sigh. To each his own I guess.

Will.I.Am hit the decks and played DJ on Thursday 24 September at Blanc le Club on Asian Heritage Row. If you didn’t eat up your fill of Black Eyed Peas goodness over the weekend get more at www.blackeyedpeas.com.