Wilco: Wilco (Nonesuch/Warner)

Long before Fleet Foxes showed up on Sub Pop’s doorsteps, Wilco was essential Americana. Formed from the ashes of alt country band Uncle Tupelo, Wilco rocked the industry with 2002’s Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, an album so experimental and cryptic that they were dropped from their label for not having a proper single. After the middling Blue Sky Blue, the band has finally found balance on their self-titled 7th. Highlights include the gag-opener ‘Wilco (The Song)’ and a tearing duet with Feist on ‘You And I’. And with all the fear, failure and violence in frontman Jeff Tweedy’s lyrics, this album might not cure depression, but it’ll definitely put up a good fight.

Listen to: ‘You And I’

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