Why are Love Hotels so… lovable?

source: gq.com

Who says the Japanese have no time for love? Okay, aside from their dwindling population that’s so widely written about, people who live in big cities in Japan do actually have a place to go to if they want to, as Terrace House inhabitants put it, “do the deed”.

Here are some of the most lovable Love Hotels (and some scary ones) we’ve found on the net…

Hotel Zebra, Tokyo (source: blog.hotelscombined.com)
Hello Kitty Love Hotel. (source: quirkyguide.com)
Hello Kitty has her own horsies.
The Nature Room.
Mirror Room.

Love Hotels are usually discreet places that people can go about their businesses anonymously. You’ll find maybe one receptionist working behind a dark screen in the hotel’s lobby, or an automated paying machine to deal with the rental of rooms. There’s practically no interaction with other guests.

An overnight can cost around 8000-20,000 Yen (RM295-736). During the day, hourly packages can go as low as 3000 to 7000 Yen (RM110-258). Prices are usually higher during the weekends.

Hotel Public Jam, Osaka (source: blog.hotelscombined.com)

The Love Hotel industry, according to one report, brings in a ludicrous amount of 47 billion Yen annually! We can’t even convert that into Ringgit! (I mean, we could but that would be too many zeroes).

Hotel Sweet Sara, Tokyo (source: blog.hotelscombined.com)

On one hand, Love Hotels are convenient for young Japanese couples who often live with their parents until marriage. These hotels are also tourist-friendly which is weird because not many foreigners would understand the concept of love hotels in Japanese urban culture.

If the movie Saw turned you on… (source: www.oddee.com)
Ever got aroused in the subway? (source: fastjapan.com)
Tower’s Hotel Osaka (source: fastjapan.com)

Nevertheless, you can rent a room to spice up your sex life or just to take interesting pics (personal or for social, it’s up to you).

Hospital-themed Love Hotel (source: fastjapan.com)
Behave in class! (source: fastjapan.com)
I think this is some licence-less Klang Dentist. (source: fastjapan.com)
Crazy bed, crazy deed (source: www.dramafever.com)

On the dark side, due to the anonymity of its patrons, cases of suicide like this one that happened earlier this month are not uncommon as well.

Hotel Edoyado, Tokyo (source: blog.hotelscombined.com)

Not all Love Hotels have kinky atmospheres. A lot of them focus on traditional romantic settings – dimmable lights, clean and comfortable beds, TVs optional for long stays, chocolates on the bed – the sort of stuff that you’d expect retired couples to go nuts about.

Hotel Balian Resort. Nothing to see here, just simply a taste of Bali in Japan because it’s not as cheap to fly there as from KL. (source: fastjapan.com)

Then there are the more crazy ones, some that cater purely to darker sexual kinks, and some that even offer rental of toys, outfits and accessories.

Wait till you see the inside (www.dramafever.com)
source: www.dramafever.com
The Little Mermaid’s room (source: www.dramafever.com)
Source: www.dramafever.com
Source: www.dramafever.com

Nevertheless, Love Hotels remain a permanent fixture of Japanese urban society, a rite of passage for many young ones and an ironic way to get a roof over your heads (with a heater!) if regular hotels and Airbnbs are fully-booked (trust me, it does happen).

The Manhattan Room (source: loveinnjapan.com)
The Kiss Room (loveinnjapan.com)
No woman, err, DIY? (source: loveinnjapan.com)
Give peace a chance (source: loveinnjapan.com)
Casa Swan features a casino room, a Mickey and Minnie room, and a latex foam ‘space’ room.
Christmas Chapel Love Hotel – where giving and receiving happens (source: blog.casa.it)
Source: www.dramafever.com
Source: www.dramafever.com
Interrogation Room (Source: www.dramafever.com)
Doctor’s Room (Source: www.dramafever.com)
Source: booking.com


Bonus Hoteru-s! Love Hotels are not solely found in Japan anymore, in fact since a few years ago, Japanese Love Hotels have been on the decline (some reports say the Hello Kitty Love Hotel in Osaka is now closed–*sobs*).

Well, we still have a lot to choose from… Checkout some of these Love Hotels from other parts of the world (there’s even a Batcave themed one in Taiwan).

“Northern Lights” room (Don Q Inn in Dodgeville, Wisconsin) (source: www.oddee.com)
This wheel stirs the bed (Don Q Inn in Dodgeville, Wisconsin) (source: www.oddee.com)
It’s a party under the stars.
Taiwanese Batman is currently absent from his bedroom at Eden Hotel, Kaoshiung (www.oddee.com)

BMW Room in Seoul (Source: Paste)
Become James Bond at Sato Castle Motel @ Taipei (source: pastemagazine.com)
Don’t even know what to do with this love hotel-room in Nanning, China.
Honestly, Sato Castle looks awesome. Pirates of the Caribbean theme?
WTF Thailand?

Who wants a pineapple under the sea?

Okaaaay…. guess that concludes our Love Hotel listicle. Yeah.