Who’s a Funky Monkey?

You may not have heard much about DJ FM but across the border, he is big! Being the current resident of Hush Fridays at Filter, it speaks volumes about his ability. After all, it is one of the hottest hip hop night in Singapore. Club goers are always on their knees when FM brings forth his best eclectic mix of hip hop, rnb, old school and electro.

Already on the decks since he was 19 years old, his stage presence and experiences has landed him a couple of international gigs. FM also made guest appearances at other well-known Singapore clubs and spun with DJ Rocky Rock of BEP, LMFAO and The Luxy Girls.

Luckily for JUICE, we got a portion of his busy schedule and had a chat with him.

Tell us about your name (FM) …
Well, I have a strange obsession for monkeys. I was thinking of a name and my ex-girlfriend came up with Funky Monkey. It became my stage name for a while, before the Massive Collective and I decided to change it when I signed with them.

You’ve opened for a lot of big names before such as DJ Rocky Rock, LMFAO and The Luxy Girls. Which was the most memorable and why? Do you have any rockstar stories to share?
Luxy Girls. They really showed us what REAL pole dancing was all about. I was totally wowed (and distracted). Well, we party like rockstars on most Fridays at Filter. I’ve forgotten the feeling of drinking from a glass.

You started spinning since 19, how long has that been and what got you off the ground?
It’s been a long 7 years. I was really into music at that age and stumbled on a chance to pick up some basics when I was part-timing as an event crew for an events company during my poly days. My first big break was at Club Momo and the rest is history.

We heard Hush Fridays at Filter is one of Singapore’s hottest hip hop nights. What is your secret?
Well, there’s no secret. I basically play what the crowd loves and bring back the old stuff from time to time – as a reminisce for party people of their “growing up” days.

Are there any differences between Malaysian and Singaporean DJs in terms of style and attitude?
I have yet to meet many Malaysian DJs, but from what I have seen and heard, most Singaporean DJs I know are so much more versatile in their playing.

Heard you like mixing old skool classics with rnb and electro. We don’t hear that very often. Is it difficult to mix classics with newer hits? Do you feel that you have to do a song justice just because it’s a classic?
Newer tracks tend to be much faster in tempo as compared to the classics. So, finding the right match can be a problem if I want to mix them up. I think as long as it’s a good track which is well received by party goers, I’ll play. I won’t play a classic just for the sake of playing if it’s a terrible one.

How do you like your glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label and if you had one person in the world to share it with, who would it be?
I love my Johnnie Walker on the rocks and I would share it with anyone who is able to appreciate a great bottle of Scotch Whisky.

Let’s say Lewis Hamilton challenged you to a drag race, would you accept? Do you think you can beat him at his game?
I’d surely not pass up the chance if I had the chance to go heads-on with Hamilton. Don’t think I can beat him but, hey, we’ll never know unless we try.

What’s next for you?
I’ve just signed a new contract extension with Massive Collective and I’m pretty sure Singapore and Asia will get to see more of me in the coming year.

Get to know more about this funky primate at www.facebook.com/DJFM.SG

Interview courtesy of Johnnie Walker. DJ FM will be spinning at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Penang Party on Thursday 25 August 2011. To score some invites, head to www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia. Or alternatively, try winning a pair of passes from us at our Contest Section.