Who You Calling A Monkey?

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What if you were born a monkey? Hey just think about it for a sec, will ya creationists? How much do you really know about our evolutionary cousins? It’s no surprise that nature channels are frequented mostly by science nerds, animal lovers and stoners, but the times are a-changing. Stories of the animal kingdom are now being told through riveting narratives which are often more action-packed and real than most Hollywood Blockbusters. Animal Planet simians are given the Sin City treatment.

Dark Days in Monkey City is a 13-part series about several troops of macaques that live in and around the ruins of an ancient city in Sri Lanka. Done in a graphic novel-style animation akin to 300 and Sin City, this animal drama’s script was developed by the very writers behind epic comics like X-Men and Superman.

So the story goes…

Deep within the jungles on the magical isle of Sri Lanka is the deserted city of Polonnaruwa, also known as Monkey City. There, amidst the crumbling temples, large populations of toque macaques have turned the ruins of this once great and powerful civilisation into a savage battlefield. Once ruled by Buddhist and Hindu kings, the ancient temple city is now home to myriad monkey gangs that fight for supremacy.

The mightiest tribe in Monkey City is the Temple Troop, led by Lear and his queen Gemini. They are the staunch defenders of the best territory in the area – Fig Tree Vale. Their ancient foes are the neighbouring Black Claws, who will stop at nothing to conquer that territory so they no longer have to feed on a diet of human rubbish. A bloody conflict is brewing in Monkey City; now, more than ever, the ever-increasing tension between these two groups is teetering on the precipice of an all-out war. (Source: discovery.com)

And you thought nature was boring…

Dark Days in Monkey City is scheduled to premiere on Animal Planet (Astro channel 556) on 30 October 2009.

Images discovery.com

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