White Cubes Are F*cking Up My Desk Space

I ain’t no Dick but today I received a suspicious-looking envelope with no return address. Inside of it was a letter attention to the Editor (they must think I’ve been promoted). It tells of a mysterious flying cube that has been spotted over KL recently.

It even came with photos of the white cube circled out in red (ala X-Files). Obviously a hoax, my bet is this is some new club or something trying to create a media buzz.

The letter was signed off as Cosmic World Ministry. Listen, I’ve done enough hallucinogens to tell you that if aliens ever come to earth, it wouldn’t be in a cube. It’ll be in a bitchin’ Camaro (based on the fact that I like the Dead Milkmen).

But anyway, if you feel like finding out more about these “strange occurrences” then checkout cosmicworldministry.blogspot.com or you can e-mail them at [email protected] and say “Hi weirdos, ready to get your wookie on?”.