[QUIZ] Deepavali’s Coming Up- So Which Indian Sweet Are You, Bestie?

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source: The Pride

One of the most vital aspects of Deepavali, besides being around family of course (my mum reads my articles), is undoubtedly having the most immaculate spread of Indian sweets set up for the lucky guests.

Growing up, my cousins and I made a show of making sure our favourite mithai were on the table, each having our own distinct preferences – then we’d take immense credit when the guests and other family members poured in and chose to snack on our selection first.

This may seem peculiar, but we truly believed that every confection portrayed a common personality of its own. At some point, it was almost as if we could predict which sweet a visitor would be most drawn to, simply based upon their appearance and general demeanour.

So if you’re anything like us and enjoy applying humanlike traits to inanimate objects, try your hand at this quick quiz that’ll tell you if you’re a loving ladoo ball or a girlbossing, flavourful piece of coconut candy:

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Go ahead and share your results on your social media profiles, and don’t forget to credit us if we just inspired your next purchase…We won’t hold you any longer; your mouth’s probably watering already.

Jokes aside, we hope you have a great Deepavali, with more deepa than vali. 😛

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