Wheel Love

Wheel Love
Ground Floor, 28 Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
T: 012 296 1121


SJ City Rollers
Sukeats Chee and Weiyeng Khoo are the big boys behind Wheel Love. Starting out as action sports promoters and guerilla skate event organisers, the ambitious duo and their band of roller bros have been behind much stickering, the occasional graff piece, and some of the most exciting skate photos (some of which have made their way into JUICE) and videos, as well as a limited range of inline skate wheels and clothing available locally to date. Their efforts have made the Wheel Love logo ubiquitous and it has culminated finally in a space to call their own. The Wheel Love Skateshop located in a corner shoplot is the unofficial clubhouse for skaters, and once you’ve bagged your skate and streetwear merch here you can grab a warm spot on the couch by the wall-size JUICE cover and watch skate vids and hit up the Playstation, or grab an ice cold Redbull from the fridge and take your skills to the grindbox outside. Pink Tattoos is located upstairs.

What Wheel Love stocks a full range of skateboard and inline skate gear from decks to blades, helmets and shinpads, nuts, bolts and ball bearings. The guys have also introduced Japan-US craze Kendamas to these here parts and the all new Patica, a musical instrument/lo-fi toy from Japan that consists of 2 balls (uh-huh) and makes some pretty cool rhythmic noises once you’ve mastered its tricky art. Fixed gear bikes and longboards are in the works.

Brands Usual suspect skate and blade brands Girl, Independent, Emerica, USD, Xsjado, Kiser feature; shoes come in a limited supply but you can place orders; a limited range of sports lifestyle brands like Mooks are available on concession and get refreshed every few months. Wheel Love also carries local independent streetwear brands like Devise and Frankiemumbo, as well as Wheel Love’s own in-house range of affordable hand-printed and dyed t-shirts. A limited edition collaboration tee with graff artist Sheiko was produced exclusively for their launch in November 09. Wicked!

Activities Skate competitions with no rules, skate-centric gatherings, jam sessions and video premieres.

Open 12-8pm daily, depending on how hot the grindbox session outside is. Yowza!

Parking Ample parking space within the SS15 area. But really you should be on your skates on a bike. Phht.