Wheel Love Roll Into Subang

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Without air, we’d all be thrashing around, gasping for breath, and well, dying really. So we live for air. But not the way some guys live for air. Guys, like Wheel Love for example, they take air to the next level. You’ve seen the rollerblading crew’s aerial handiwork in JUICE - we’ve featured their skate photo spreads in the past. Well now, the boys are gonna be doing the bidnez as they are opening a store in Subang mid- Oct. That’s them in the picture breaking ground – tough work….

Sukeats of Wheel love says “It’s not JUST a skateshop. We’ll also be doing sports experiential marketing, design work, product design … there’s loads in the pipeline.”

In addition to the expected boards and blades, the Wheel Love store will be the only place yu can get your able bodied hands on Kendama. Wtf is that you say? Yes, this little Japanese play thing may have been for yonks but it is still relatively underground and a secret known amongst the skate community.  But we are telling you, it is gonna blow up BIG! More on that in the next post.

Updates on Wheel Love’s activities and the store launch will be revealed here and the Wheel Love blog at www.wl33.com/blog. For those of you who can’t wait for the Wheel Love store in Subang, the Wheel Love online skateshop is up and running at www.shop.wl33.com.

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