What You Missed This Week…

After a surprise holiday last Friday, we’re back with the first wrap up of 2011. This weeks photo is from NYE at MOS, we chose it because it just looks like a fun time. Speaking of fun times, here’s what you missed this week …

MGMT early bird tickets go on sale this weekend! Find out when/where/how much right here.

We really dug Kanye’s ‘Monster’ video, but then the muppets came along and out gansta’d the college dropout with their remake.

The debate over the granny skirt raged on. So far girls are yay, boys are nay. Have your say here.

We’re digging KL’s indie rock band, Furniture.

Make sure you check out our gallery for all the NYE madness caught on camera!

We’re heading out to the launch of DJ Fuzz’s Mixolgy 3 tonight at Laundy! We’ll be rocking his Xrossfade tees!

That’s all from us! See you next week, where we’ll be giving you predictions on the upcoming year. Until then, enjoy Jin Hackman’s Rap-Up of 2010, Malaysian style!!