What You Missed This Week…

This pic of the week is of Wayne Coyne’s backside, taken from The Flaming Lips concert earlier this month. Lights, balloons, confetti, and a man in a bear suit – it’s like scene from a childhood dream or the depths of an acid trip. Before you space out completely, get caught up on what you might have missed this week whilst tripping balls on pure rainbow…

Hanger is here!! We’re getting hot in the city to celebrate it’s release this Saturday and we invited 50 of our readers to join us! Follow us on twitter or ‘like‘ us for more giveaways and invites in the future.

For dnb, drumstep and dubstep lovers, we have the exclusive download of Hao Ting EP from Randank Records. Check it out and let us know what you think! Also look out for ConRank, who’s hitting Malaysia in January.

If you missed it in the November issue, be sure to read up on the man bringing us MGMT next year, Future Sounds Asia.

MAC enchanted us with ‘A Tartan Tale‘.

We took in a preview for Heineken Thirst’s Godskitchen Boombox and the winner of Found @ Thirst is…..

It’s International Buy Nothing Day tomorrow! Find out why we love shopping and why we hate it.

In keeping with the theme for our Hanger launch party this weekend, ‘hot in the city’, here’s a video from Chromeo for ‘Hot Mess’, because there’s nothing hotter than man boobs in a bath house.


Well we need to go figure out what to wear tomorrow! As always, see you on the dancefloor.

Image: Dominic Phua