What You Missed This Week…

I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly confused about this week. Tuesday felt like Friday, Thursday felt like Monday and now its Friday… regardless, we’re headed out to play tonight! So while you count down the hours until work sets you free, catch up on what you missed!

You guys maxed out our bandwidth trying to get your hands on the new Made Men album. Don’t worry, it’s all good to go now. Get yours here!!

We couldn’t get ‘Who Do It Better‘ out of our heads.

We got updated on the hottest tickets in town, ZoukOut! Now you are too.

Lapsap took Boys Noize out on the town, then went head to head with him in this exclusive interview.

Our May coverboy, Killa Kela, is back, and he brought a friend.

Bud Culture was filthier than any simile you could find describing a dubstep track. We checked out the action.

Here’s a track to get your weekend started. It may be a cliche, but truer words have never been sung.


If this week  wasn’t enough excitement, stay tuned because next week we have even more spectacular news, and the return of your favorite fashion magazine. Oh no, I’ve said too much.

Image: Nicholas Chin @ Laundry Music Festival