What You Missed This Week….

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Happy Deepavali everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday morning hangover. It’s been a short week, but busy. MIFW is in full swing and Uniqlo opened, which is where our picture of the week comes from! It’s time to get caught up on what you missed while you were waiting in line for RM50 jeans….

Uniqlo opened. Being too scared to face the crowd, we browsed from the comfort of our computer.

Excited for the upcoming concert, we interviewed The Flaming Lip’s lead singer, Wayne Coyne. We’re still waiting for our picture Mr. Coyne!

We’re stoked on the love child of Limited Edt Vault and New Balance – the M577BST.

Fashion Phantasma @ Musa was the place to be on Halloween.

We dug the disco vibe of Australia’s Bag Raiders.

A million photos from Halloween’s madness came in, all the snaps can be found here.

They say there’s no rest for the wicked, but that’s all from us this week. Now go enjoy your long weekend!

Image: Fahrenheit 88

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