What You Missed This Week…

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Corey Hart would be proud of our photo of the week. The Malaysian music scene has a lot to be proud of this week with some international recognition of one our favs, a new club banger and some up and coming artists. Confused? Catch up on what you missed this week…

Uniqlo is opening a brand new store in KLCC so be sure to peruse the SS11 line from the brand to get a head start.

Malaysian music is getting hotter and hotter! Yuna gets blogged by the New York Post, Goldfish and Blink drop KL’s new anthem and we’re going to see a locally porduced and created dubstep album from H3.

The new Radiohead album is out, Thom Yorke’s still got the moves (see video)

Zola Jesus introduced us to ‘sexy’ goth tunes.

Sting’s rocker daughter, Coco Sumner, teaches us how to dress in updated grunge-wear as our style icon.

North Korean’s are just like us! They love indie! Check out the deets on Pyongyang’s only club, Taedong Diplo.

Apparently a big hit at Taedong Diplo was TV on The Radio, which is convient as they have just release a new track! The first since 2008! Enjoy and then we’ll see you on the dancefloor! Later February!