What You Missed This Week: Flying Lotus Goes Metal, Leo Ari is Back, TIME Magazine Plagiarised Its Recent Cover & More

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Frank Ocean aired blonded radio this week and released a few of his new songs (featuring Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, etc.) but it’s now been removed from every corner of the internet, boo! However, for a glimpse of what blonded‘s fifth episode was like, check out its tracklist. [The Fader]

Speaking of Frank Ocean, Orang Malaya’s previous song ‘Light’ teased his listeners with the idea of him taking a Blond(e) route for the music production of his upcoming album, however, recently he released two singles — ‘Civic (A) Rendition (feat. Bastard)’ and ‘I dont wanna talk to you (feat. Ramengvrl)’ — which reveals more of Orang Malaya’s bipolar musical inclination. [JUICE]

Is Flying Lotus going metal? Listen to it below:

Leo Ari revisits ‘Burung Perawan’ with a 2.0 update which makes for an appropriate comeback after his long sabbatical that was wreaked by the opposite of the song’s theme. He says in a statement, “[B]eyond music, beyond art, there is the human relationship, which is why we make art in the first place; to connect and communicate and make something out of this world that can be very dark if not treated.” [JUICE]

Mura Masa and Desiigner worked on a track together entitled ‘All Around The World’ and you won’t be disappointed to have it on repeat today. [Spotify].

Jay Park’s ‘Hulk Hogan’ sorta shows who Jay Park would be if he absorbs all of Hulk Hogan’s bravado and has him saying ‘flexin’ repeatedly. Watch it below:

Nights of Rizal’s ‘Little Ocean’ music video features visuals from a family holiday he had back in ’87. He’s got the nostalgia (thanks to using materials from a handycam) and the addictive and danceable poppy ’80s beat down. You need to watch to it. [JUICE]

Ze Rebelle’s ‘Slumber Tetek’ is a Bahasa version of ‘$ BROKE $ (feat. Ego Boycott)’ off of her 2016 Univerze album that is seemingly designed to incur the wrath of the #meleis side of the internet… and it worked. [JUICE]

Travis performed ‘Goosebumps’ 14 times in one night (!!!). He might want to tone it down sometime soon seeing as he was just recently arrested for ‘inciting’ a riot. Live vicariously through the video below:

Nipple colour lipsticks? Uhm, sure. [Refinery29]

Shonda Rhimes spoke to Bustle to discuss her project with Dove Real Beauty Productions and an all-female film crew to change the definition of beauty. She believes that “there are a lot of people who have been trapped by what they see in magazines or on TV… beauty is how you define yourself. Not how you let everybody else define you.” [Bustle]

What’s the big deal with makeup, you ask? It’s a $445 million industry. Many brands that begin as startups soon catch the eye of corporate cosmetic companies (i.e. L’Oreal) who then offer to buy the brand for a ludicrous amount of money — as it did with IT Cosmetics in August ’16 for $1.2 billion. [Forbes]

Miranda Kerr shares five beauty rules that every Australian girl knows and practices. Could we now also have a rulebook as to how to look like Miranda Kerr? Thank you. [Vogue]

Stephanie Shepherd served as Kim Kardashian’s assistant for many years. She stood by Kim during her wedding to Kanye to make sure everything ran smoothly, was present during the unfortunate Paris incident, and in-between all of that Stephanie ran some of Kim’s meetings regarding her merchandise when Kim was unable to. Now she’s been promoted to COO of Kardashian West Brands, which means this lady is unstoppable. Refinery29 spoke to her on what it means to assist the biggest influencer in the world, being in the spotlight, and her relationship with the Kardashians. [Refinery29]

Audioslave and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell passed away on Thursday 18 May ’17. May he join the rest of the world’s wonderful, beloved artistes who have passed in the Superunknown. [JUICE]

Would you want your consciousness to be connected to a cloud? Taking a break from the screen and understanding our relationship with technology via a comic illustrated by Reimena Ashel Yee. [JUICE]

TIME magazine released a photo of its cover via Twitter, which was received positively among liberals worldwide because who doesn’t enjoy when the media calls out leaders’ bluffs? The only issue though is that it seems to have ripped off MAD magazine’s December cover… Hmm. Conflicts. [Mashable]

Staying in over the weekend? Here’s an activity to try by yourself or with some friends; making 7 curious cocktails using cognac as a base. [JUICE]

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